6 Months in Korea! I’ve Left a Couple Times But I’m Still Here!

So, I’ve been living in Korea for 6 months – Crazy! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months! I’m super behind on posting. Here’s a quick update on things that have happened since my last post. I’m sure I’ll be writing about these things individually:

1. I’ve lost count of how many earthquakes I’ve experienced. Yes, I have felt those earthquakes caused by North Korea’s nuclear tests.

2.  I went on a honeymoon with myself traveling through Indonesia.

3.  I still think Korea is expensive.

4. I had a medical procedure done at a Korean hospital with a Korean doctor who does not speak english. He could not seem more annoyed to have to deal with me. This I’ve found is basically all Korean doctors.

5.  I’m down 30 pounds and my blood pressure has gone down 20 points.

6.  I still eat pizza almost everyday.

7. I bought a couch for my tiny apartment. This has improved my quality of life in ways you can’t imagine.

8. I taught summer camp.

9. I’ve fallen in deep hate with one of my co-teachers.

10. I got a part-time job.

11. I went to Japan and had most AMAZING ramen EVER and I’m on a mission to find its equal counterpart somewhere in Korea. Seriously, any ramen I’ve had before that was a joke. A JOKE!

12. I go to acupuncture every week where I also have cupping done on my back.

13. I still don’t speak Korean. I’m 98.2% positive I never will.

14. I somehow found myself in a relationship with a really great man who makes me laugh everyday.

15. I survived a Korean summer. If you don’t know what that feels like then consider yourself lucky.

Despite the fact that I’m still not crazy about teaching and everything seems to go wrong on a daily basis, I find myself pretty relaxed and ….. happy?