Back to the Hustle

I have been insanely busy and exhausted lately and it actually feels kind of good. I have had an insane amount of responsibility at work and I’ve started taking a couple of classes online through a university program. Aside from that I’ve been working towards some personal goals and squeezing in some travel. It’s important to me to travel and do things that I love no matter how busy I get. Somehow being in Korea has helped me figure out what I need to work towards rather than obsess about what I’m running away from.

I don’t like feeling tired but I do like having something to work towards. I realize that the hustle is what keeps me driven and somehow I lost that in New York. In New York, I got to the point I wanted to be at in my career, I didn’t want to move up anymore. I tried to fulfill what I felt I was missing with working on my personal life but I realized that what I wanted in my personal life didn’t exist in New York. I’d have to leave.

Despite working on personal things here in Korea, it all comes back to the hustle. I’ve always worked multiple jobs or figured out a way to make money. In college, I worked full time and on weekends despite going to school full time. In New York, I hustled hard until I got to a comfortable place and somehow that made me dissatisfied. I cannot be complacent when it comes to working and I’ve realized that maybe I wasn’t meant to work for other people.

When I was around 8 or 9 I started working a paper route in my neighborhood. My parents were very cheap and if I wanted to wear the things I wanted or have the toys I wanted, I’d have to figure out a way to pay for them myself. So I figured out a way to make money. I often wonder how kids these days make money, there aren’t really paper routes anymore. Even in the 3rd grade I’d make things out of paper and sell them for a dime at my desk. I suppose I’ve always had somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit. Which is why I’m working towards building my own business.

The goal is to launch near the end of fall so that I will have an income when I leave Korea. It’s been difficult to do with the classes I’m taking and assignment deadlines but I’m going to make it work. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this but also a lot of freedom that I am looking forward to having. If I fail, I fail. But I won’t know unless I try. My only regret would be if I didn’t try.